Hi, Neighbor!

I am an experienced community operations and content manager with a decade of experience driving, creating, managing, and amplifying developer and technical content. I have proven my ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders across multiple groups in small, medium, and large organizations, as well as continually demonstrated success in making technology understandable to a wide audience and creating client-focused opportunities for success.

I’ve worked closely as a digital consultant with several Fortune 500 companies, including the New York Times, Intel, IBM, and IAC; as well as several start-ups and local non-profits. I’ve also had the privilege to have written exclusively for Lifehacker, Search Engine Journal, and Mashable, featured as a search engine expert by Poynter Online and PBS, and regularly quoted in major media publications including Wired, TechSpot, Dr.Dobbs’ Software, and Forbes; I also am a semi-regular guest on nationwide radio talk shows on topics such as Web search, the Deep Web, and cyber-security.

I have a pretty wide range of experience, anything from program management to editor of a global IT practitioner blog to website design and digital branding. Oh, and also – I’ve published a book titled The About.com Guide to Online Research: Navigate the Web–From RSS and the Invisible Web to Multimedia and the Biogosphere that is available at all major bookstores. I hold a BA degree from Oregon State University. Want to connect? Send me an email at wendy @ wendyboswell.com (without the spaces). You can also find me at the links below: