Five reasons why Hololens is the next logical step towards a more connected future

At MS Build a few weeks ago, Microsoft announced one of the most exciting hardware developments to come across in a very long time – Hololens. Hololens is a wearable holographic computer that allows the user to interact with holographic programs within their everyday environments – school, work, home, whatever. Hololens is scheduled to come […]

Can you blog every day? Should you?

Going through my LinkedIn feeds this morning and came across a thoughtful article penned by Marshall Kirkpatrick, one of the few technical thought leaders that I will always take time out to read. In this post, he talks about being challenged and inspired by Seth Godin to blog every day, noting that Seth has blogged […]

Three myths about developers

In my line of work I work with a lot of developers on a daily basis. As I keep running into some tediousĀ opinions on what developers are “really like”, I thought I would write up a quick post and dispel a few myths. 1. Aren’t all developers anti-social? Uh, no. Just like not all redheads […]