Summary: Experienced program, community, and content manager. Ownership of strategy, high-level planning.  Decade of experience driving, creating, managing, and amplifying developer and technical content. Collaborative communicator with proven ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders across multiple groups in small, medium, and large organizations. Demonstrated success in making technology understandable to a wide audience and creating client-focused opportunities for success.

Work History

Intel – Program Manager, Intel Software Innovators

Owner, program operations, strategy, and logistics for external developer group. This includes outreach, cultivation, and management of developer activity (110+ enrolled developers), as well as content creation/curation to drive positive awareness of developer group, their projects, and overall goodwill towards program and Intel. Focused on winning hearts and minds in order to drive developer adoption/goodwill towards Intel developer programs.

  • Responsible for ongoing developer outreach, cultivation, and logistics management.
  • Support for developer-centric events: developer outreach, logistics, onsite support and outreach to attendees. This also includes pre and post-event content creation to create awareness and goodwill.
  • Ongoing cadence of developer-focused content to deliver focused messaging on a variety of key messages that showcase positive Intel partnerships: this includes anything from self-driven interview series to collaborative pieces with stakeholders in public relations, product marketing, and other teams.
  • Focused on professionalism and personal care. Experienced with both internal and external audiences, cross-organizational teams, and leadership.

IBM – Editor in Chief,

Editor in chief of SM360 (, a flagship property for IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure; 225+ bloggers.

  • Drive editorial content across groups to develop cohesive message across targeted themes (usually centered on events).
  • Create, edit and schedule content in master calendar across groups; input posts from social residency, product managers, marketing managers, engineers, etc. Average of 5 posts a week.
  • Manage all back end technical requirements for a multi-user WordPress CMS, including themes, design, plugins, bugs, and coding (CSS, HTML, PHP)
  • Quadrupled page views in 12 months; zero paid placement, all organic SEO.
  • Ongoing development and training on blogging and social media best practices for stakeholders and executives.
  • Ongoing partnership with executives on using new media, as well as collaboration on business requirements for new media.

IAC/ – Web Search and Search Engine Optimization Editor

Lead on efforts for messaging, storytelling, and positioning for About Web Search, part of the network (previously part of the New York Times org). Scaled from 35k page views a month to over 2 million; 70k newsletter subscribers. One of the top 50 sites in the network (1100 sites total).

  • Track and monitor statistics via Google Analytics in order to stay abreast of breaking trends or gain insight.
  • Collaborate with an internal editorial team of writers and editors to develop ideas and new ways to present content on third-party platforms (Pinterest, Tumblr, infographics, video).
  • Work with other editors, writers, etc. to share best practices and avoid becoming stagnant, troubleshoot common issues, and launch new projects.
  • Create at least two new articles, quick tips, or other content a week; as well as daily blog posts, weekly newsletters, e-courses, and more on topics such as search engines, search technology, new media, social networking, social bookmarking, RSS, usability, and search engine optimization.

Community Editor, ADDConnect

  • Owner, overall content messaging, branding, and positioning.
  • Interact with users, build community, and connect searchers to resources that can enrich their lives living with ADHD/ADD
  • Brainstorm and launch contests and other promotions to drive traffic, write and send weekly newsletters designed to build traffic and enhance the community experience, update the homepage, create new resources (groups, guides, etc.) based on user demand
  • Curate community of hand-picked bloggers who write about their experiences with ADD, ADHD, and learning disabilities.
  • Lead in search engine optimization of both the community and magazine.

Lifehacker Associate Editor, Gawker Media

I produced an average of six productivity posts per weekend day, as well as four longer features a month. Lifehacker has an average traffic level of 4 million PVs a month and is consistently ranked as one of the most popular blogs on the web according to Technorati.

SEO Consultant,

Created a search engine optimization manual for beginners, ongoing site optimization and search engine optimization strategy consultation. Used in’s call centers for customer service on SEO best practices.

Contributing Writer, Search Engine Journal 

I contributed regular weekly posts about search engines and search technology to Search Engine Journal, one of the most recognized blogs in the search world.

Book, Guide to Online Research 

I wrote a book for Media titled “The Guide to Online Research” that was published December 2007. It’s available for order online (Amazon:  RSS, social media, how to use the web for advanced searches, the blogosphere, and much more is covered in this book.

Web Design/Consultation

Pure Country Pet Boutique

eCommerce site redesign from the ground up. Integrated new shopping cart, SSL certificate, and other secure hosting elements. Created new site structure, taxonomy, categories, tags, subject matter. Implemented daily online security (SSL certificate) checks, coordinated all online transactions, and all online marketing efforts. Daily website maintenance, negotiated contracts with suppliers and payment services.

Sherwood Education Foundation

Complete site redesign, migrated from third-party site to self-hosted WordPress. Custom theme, brand new site taxonomy, complete re-organization. Flash-based slide show, customized and branded graphics. Trained board members on WordPress management.

Voices for the Performing Arts

I did a complete site redesign for the VPA, set up with WordPress on a LiquidWeb hosted domain. Redirected hosting from third-party, set up wireframe, created site taxonomy, planned content flow/hierarchy, migrated content from previous site, installed template, set up categories/topics/permalink structure, set up Flash-based slideshow for front page, inserted blog and social networking features into template, activated plug-ins for specific website functions, connected one existing social media account and created new channel for another one. Ongoing maintenance, social networking/reputation management as needed.

Also Seen In:

I have contributed to or been featured on several well-known sites, including Mashable, Search Engine Journal, PBS,, and Problogger. I was also featured twice in Women’s World Magazine with a full-page article; one of the most popular women’s magazines in the world with an average circulation of 1.6 million readers, and picked up by the following media outlets:

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